Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Victoria Pendleton says Olympics 'aren't fun'

Victoria Pendleton (Strictly Come Dancing)

Strictly Come Dancing star Victoria Pendleton has warned others of competing in the Olympics, saying it's not what's cracked up to be!

The 27-year-old retired from professional cycling this summer after grabbing gold in London, and admitted she was glad she wouldn't be competing again.

Speaking to The Independent, Victoria recalled after finishing at the games earlier this year: I just felt relief that I wouldn't have to put myself through that again."

She explained: "The pressure of having to compete in a home Olympics as the champion is not fun – not at all. I love my job but having people ask you how many gold medals I was going to win... well, I was going to try to win one.

"Frankly, it was no fun any more. I had done it for so long that the enjoyment had gone. I know a lot of athletes dread the end."

Victoria added: "Someone else usually decides you are finished and that was something I never wanted to have forced upon me. The standard of women's sprinting has moved on ridiculously, and to have asked my body for more would have been too much."

Now competing on [cat]Strictly Come Dancing[/cat], Victoria insisted she had no plans to continue to be in the public eye for long.

She told the newspaper: "All this 'celebrity' will run out at some time. I don't have this ambition to be one forever. I will make the most of my opportunities but, when it's over, I would like a smallholding where I would keep rescued animals like horses and greyhounds. That would make me happy."

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