Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Sid Owen will go topless to get votes!

Sid Owen (Strictly Come Dancing)

Sid Owen has said he'll dance topless on Strictly Come Dancing 2012, if it will help win him votes!

The Eastenders star insisted he wasn't intimidated by some of the other bodies on the dance floor, including Olympian Louis Smith.

But while Louis said he won't be up for stripping off, Sid had no such worries.

He told TV Guide: "If all goes well and I lose a bit of weight, I might get my pecs out and try to appeal to the ladies – or will that put them off?"

And unlike Kimberley Walsh, Sid admitted he couldn't wait for his fake tan.

He told the magazine: "I can’t wait to get spray tanned. Come December, it would be brilliant to be a dark mahogany."

Meanwhile Fern Britton has revealed she didn't speak to her husband for FOUR DAYS after being given a fresh Essex glow by the show's production team.

She said: "Being a chef he is very sensitive to smells and he can’t stand it. We didn’t speak for four days.

"I have convinced him it’s an essential part of the Strictly experience and he will be sleeping in the spare room on spray-tan days."

Browse pictures of the [cat c="strictly come dancing"]Strictly Come Dancing[/cat] celebs and their professional dancers below!

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