Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Nicky Byrne wants Westlife dance moves in his routines!

Nicky Byrne (Strictly Come Dancing)

Westlife's Nicky Byrne has joked he'll only be comfortable with his Strictly Come Dancing routines if there's a stool involved!

Perhaps hoping to make it to props week, the singer said he was secretly wishing that pro dancer Karen Hauer incorporates the famous Westlife signature dance move into their dance.

"With Westlife we never took the dancing seriously and are more or less taking the mickey with all of our gyrating and pelvic thrusting," said Nicky.

Although we're not sure his army of female fans see it that way.

He laughed: "The only thing we perfected was standing up from our stools on the key change.

"If Karen puts a stool not he stage I might feel more comfortable."

But while Nicky was joking about, it seems Karen wasn't too sure how to take the comments.

She said: "He has the experience to handle the pressure of going on stage- though I am a bit worried about that now!"

The Strictly Come Dancing live shows start on October 5 and 6 on BBC One.

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