Good news everyone! The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing live shows won't clash!

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TV bosses are playing nice this year, with The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing live shows both being scheduled to compliment one another.

In the past the series have gone head to head on Saturday nights, forcing viewers to choose between the two.

The winners have varied over the years, with Strictly originally far ahead but The X Factor taking the crowd from 2009 onwards.

However this year saw both shows very evenly matched when Strictly aired its pre-recorded launch show two weeks ago.

The Strictly Come Dancing live shows kick off on October 5 and 6, with The X Factor's first live final airing on October 6 and 7.

Strictly will start on the Friday, October 5 between 9PM and 10PM and continuing between 6.30pm-7.45pm on Saturday the 7 October.

All fourteen celebs will perform over the two days, with their scores being carried forward to the next week.

The X Factor meanwhile will kick off its ten weeks of finals with a huge marathon 2 hour 20 minute show from 8PM.

Xtra Factor, as always, will follow on ITV2.

And the results of the first elimination will air on Sunday night at 8PM, with former X Factor champ Leona Lewis and American performer Ne-Yo both taking to the stage.

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