Strictly Come Dancing 'more cut throat' now, claims Julian Clary

Julian Clary (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Former Strictly Come Dancing contestant Julian Clary has claimed that the show is more cut throat now.

The camp comic took part in the second series of the show in 2004, finishing third with professional partner Erin Boag.

With Strictly Come Dancing back on our screens this month with its tenth series, Julian has claimed that the current line up is making the show more cut throat.

Speaking to Voice FM, the stand up said that the show had changed, with more contestants already trained in dance.

"Denise van Outen who’s a friend of mine, is in the show this year, so I’m really pleased to see that she’s in there, and I’ll be watching her very closely," Julian said.

He went on: "However, I wasn’t very good although I got through to the final I don’t think I can offer any tips.

It seems to me that it’s changed, hasn’t it? In my day they got people like me who really couldn’t dance. I’d never danced anything and you did actually learn a lot from your world class dancer.

"So I did actually learn how to dance after a fashion and I appreciate music in a different way from doing that show. Now it seems as if it’s a lot more cut throat so it’s still just as entertaining but I wouldn’t have lasted five minutes if I had been in this years lot I don’t think.”

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