Louis Walsh 'thinks Strictly Come Dancing 2012 is brilliant' says Nicky Byrne!

Louis Walsh (X Factor 2012)

Louis Walsh reckons the new series of Strictly Come Dancing is brilliant, or so Nicky Byrne has claimed!

The Westlife singer said that the X Factor judge and his former manager was loving the series.

"It'll be fun," Nicky said. "I actually spoke to Louis last night and he was saying Strictly is brilliant."

Nicky also promised his fans many more revealing outfits!

He said: "It's exciting. The guy shave said I've got away lightly so far - thee a re lot more sequins to come, apparently!

"I've never had a spray tan in my life but everyone tells me I'm going to love it, so watch this space!"

Nicky previously admitted that he was feeling "exposed" on the show without his Westlife bandmates.

Speaking to DigitalSpy, Nicky said: “When I walked on the floor I thought, ‘Holy s**t, what have I signed up for?’

“You are totally exposed and this is the first time I’ve done something out of Westlife.”

Nicky claimed that Strictly was one of the “toughest” reality shows around.

He told the website: “This is something with such media interest and out of my comfort zone, it’s the toughest thing I could have picked.”

However he added: “It’s actually a long while since I’ve done something like this where I’m genuinely excited about what I’ve got in store during the day.

“All the celebrities are riding a crest of the wave at the moment.”

Strictly Come Dancing live shows start on October 5.

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