Strictly Come Dancing: Michael Vaughan's kids voting for Kimberley Walsh!

Michael Vaughan (Strictly Come Dancing)

Michael Vaughan's children have revealed they're backing Kimberley Walsh to win Strictly Come Dancing 2012!

The former England cricket captain claimed that even his kids won't be voting for him on the show!

He told DigitalSpy this week: "I rang my kids and told them who was on the show. My eldest daughter, who is eight, said that she would be voting for Kimberley Walsh.

"My middle boy, who is six, said that he would be voting for Louis [Smith]. I'm going to have teach my 2-year-old how to use the phone quick, because she's the only one who will be voting for me."

Michael also revealed to the website how he was "inspired" to take part in the series after watching pal and football star Robbie Savage last year.

"I gave Robbie Savage plenty of stick last year, so I deserve it back now," he said. "He's one of the main reasons I've done the show. I saw how he got gripped by it, he threw himself into it and had a lot of fun.

"But the perception of Robbie Savage changed across the country and I think that tells you what a powerful show it is. If Robbie Savage can make people like him, it's a powerful show!"

But even to match Robbie, Michael will have to put in the effort, and it was reported this morning that he's yet to start training!.

A source said: "Michael didn’t want to cancel the events he had planned, so he will be lagging behind most of his rivals as far as training is concerned."

The [cat]Strictly Come Dancing[/cat] live shows start on October 5 on BBC One.

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