Strictly Come Dancing fans unhappy with new theme tune (LISTEN)

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 logo

Strictly Come Dancing fans have been left rather unhappy after the BBC today released this year's new theme tune.

The show's iconic instrumental remains, but has been updated this year with lyrics and vocals, and it's not impressed many people.

Many have branded the new theme "cheesy" while others said it was "baffling" that the BBC had decided to change it at all.

One Strictly fan wrote online: "It sounds so tacky."

And another added: "It is absolutely horrendous, cheap sounding and tacky - all of which SCD doesn't represent. I love the show and this years line up is amazing. Please don't spoil things by messing with the iconic theme tune which represents class and style in keeping with the show."

A third said: "If´╗┐ something works, leave it alone."

We can't help but agree and are rather perplexed by the decision to change the tune for seemingly no apparent reason!

A spokesperson for Strictly commented that the updated theme tune was a "one-off special version" for this weekend's opening premiere episode only.

Take a listen to the new Strictly theme tune below and tell us what you think!

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