Stepping Out's Brian McFadden fighting with his wife!

Stepping Out 2013 - Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams

Westlife star Brian McFadden has revealed that ITV's Stepping Out has seen some tense moment with his wife!

Brian and partner Vogue Williams are one of six couples in training for the new series, which starts on Saturday night.

The new reality series sees stars and their real-life partners taught to dance in a Strictly style dancing competition.

Each week the stars will put their relationships to the test as their real life partners join them in practising varying genres of dance, with viewers following the couples on their journeys from their homes to the dancefloor.

And Brian confessed that there has been friction between himself and Vogue, saying: “Vogue and I haven’t really clashed, but there were days when we had friction — one in Dublin when I was doing the stupid leapfrog.

“I looked like an absolute a***, so I made the producers take it out. They kept saying it was going to look great, but it wasn’t going to get better, because I’m only going to get older before the first show.” He added: “It would be really awkward if Vogue and I had a fight before a live show and had to keep on dancing together.”

Vogue revealed: “We had a fight the other day and after about an hour of fighting in front of the camera we had to just move on.”

Brian laughed: “We ignore the cameras, but they are always listening. And it’s too late now.”

Meanwhile, Brian claimed that producers gave the pair a warning over their language ahead of the live shows on Saturday.

“It sounds about right that they struggled for footage for us because of the swearing," he said. “We’ve got to be careful when we are live."

Stepping Out starts Saturday 31 August at 6.30pm on ITV.

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