E4's Stage School in talks for a second series despite petition to have it BANNED

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E4's Stage School could get a second series, with talks currently underway.

Earlier this year, fans of the show called on programme bosses to air a second series following a spectacular final to the first run of 30 episodes in the summer.

It makes quite a change from the demands for the show to be AXED made at the start of the show.

The mega 30 part 'structured reality' series had faced a petition signed by thousands to be canned.

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But after its debut run came to a close, many wanted more.

#STAGESCHOOLseries2 began to trend on Twitter as fans asked for a return next year.

The official Stage School Twitter teased: "That's your lot folks, thankyou SO much for watching! See you next term? 😉 💖#STAGESCHOOL💖"

Now Theatre school directors Donna and Bonnie Sullivan, behind the D&B Academy of Performing Arts where the show was filmed, say a second series could be on the cards.

They said: "There’s talks of a second series at the moment. We spoke to the producer last night and he had just come out of a meeting, so it’s very much, very likely, possibly, we don’t know, we’re just waiting.

"I think it can be even better if there is a second series. It would be lovely if there is, it’s just a lot of work.”

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And responding to THAT petition to get the show banned, Donna told the Daily Express: "The producers were absolutely thrilled about the petition, they thought it was brilliant. The viewing figures were huge, but there was this small minority of people.

"That’s the interesting thing. All the actors who do incredibly well who are active all the time are the top of their game loved it. It’s the ones that are really struggling that were the ones that had a real problem with the show.”

“But it also created more publicity for us. If it went quiet and nobody spoke about thee show I think it would be far worse,” she concluded.

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