Jordi Whitworth gets a drink in the face on Stage School


Jordi Whitworth got a drink in the face on tonight's Stage School.

It was following a confrontation with Leah Bauckham after she discovered that he had kissed pal Pia Smith behind her back.

We saw on last Friday night's show how Jordi and Pia had snogged while Leah was away on holiday.

In tonight's show, Leah returned to hear about rumours that Jordi and Pia had been hanging out together.


Daniella Byrne then spilled on the pair's staircase smooch, prompting Leah to arrange a showdown.

After inviting Jordi to drinks, Leah took him to task over the kiss but he insisted there was nothing wrong with what happened.

"We went out, we never pursued things," he claimed, "I'm not doing anything wrong, when have I ever said to you, we're together?"

Jordi then claimed: "Me and you are nothing."


Branding Jordi "cheap", Leah threw a drink in his face before storming out.


Elsewhere on Stage School tonight, Betsy-Blue English and Megan Jossa made final callbacks for a new film role.

Meanwhile, Durone Stokes had to deal with Josh trying to cause drama with his new girlfriend Hattie before a casting audition.

E4's Stage School continues weeknights at 7:30PM.

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