Casey Johnson and Jordi Whitworth clash again on E4's Stage School


Casey Johnson and Jordi Whitworth clashed again on tonight's Stage School on E4.

The former X Factor rivals are at war over another X Factor act, Union J.

We saw Casey invited to join the group to replace George Shelley last month, an offer which he accepted.

However there have been rumours that Jordi has been telling people he was asked first but declined, suggesting that Casey was second choice.


And from there, Casey and Jordi's rivalry has spiralled out of control.

Last week the pair went head to head after Casey branded Jordi "unprofessional" on Twitter, leaving both guys even angrier at one another.

"You've portrayed me in a bad light," Jordi snapped at Casey as the two came face to face. "Don't say s**t about me when I'm trying to make it."

"I was ****** off!" Casey replied.

Tonight there was another showdown as Casey accused Jordi of "trying to rain on my parade" after getting into Union J.

Casey's boyfriend Betsy-Blue, who was also on The X Factor with the pair in Only The Young, also got involved.

Jordi was upset after it was revealed she had told his girlfriend Leah he couldn't be trusted.

"I'm not doing nothing to you two, what's your problem?" Jordi said to the couple.

Betsy-Blue accused Jordi of lying about Union J before dragging Casey away from the escalating row: "This is boring, let's go."

Jordi called out as the pair left: "Another one where you walk off! Is this ever going to get sorted, Case?"


Following the row, Jordi sought support from Pia who vowed to have his back... before the pair kissed, while Leah was away on holiday.

Elsewhere tonight, Dan and Megan went on a date and Durone got over Rachael with new girl Hattie.

It was also Battle of the Bands night but Josh's attempts to cause chaos by giving Betsy-Blue and Luciee the same song didn't work with neither winning the competition.

E4's Stage School continues week nights at 7:30PM.

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