Casey Johnson and Jordi Whitworth come to blows on Stage School

casey ss

X Factor rivals Jordi Whitworth and Casey Johnson came to blows in E4' Stage School tonight.

Jordi previously appeared on The X Factor in 2014 as part of boy band Overload Generation.

The boys made it to the live shows alongside current Stage School stars Betsy-Blue English from Only The Young and Casey from Stereo Kicks.

In last Friday's show, Jordi's entrance got the interests of the girls as Pia, Leah and Luciee all made a beeline for the newbie.

Despite the girls enjoying a day out in a bid to try and soothe their romantic troubles, they were left embarrassed after Jordi told the group they had each individually chatted him up.

Things then got even more awkward when Jordi asked out Leah in front of both Luciee and Pia.

On tonight's show, Leah invited Jordi to the school where he and Casey clashed over Union J.

The pair went head to head over rumours Jordi had said Casey only got into the group because he said no.

In response to the claims, Casey had branded Jordi "unprofessional" on Twitter, leaving both guys angry at one another.

"You've portrayed me in a bad light," Jordi snapped at Casey as the two came face to face. "Don't say s**t about me when I'm trying to make it."

"I was ****** off!" Casey replied.

Things escalated - as a very awkward Leah found herself stuck in the middle - before Casey stormed off.

"I can't be bothered with this," he snapped

Later, Jordi admitted to Leah that the pair had a rivalry when they were in competing bands on The X Factor, before claiming that Casey thought too much of himself.

E4's Stage School continues week nights at 7:30PM.

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