Stage School's guys get topless and it's all too much


There was a lot of flesh on display in tonight's Stage School on E4.

But not everyone was happy.

Away from Rachael O'Connor's return and Josh's new 'boyfriend', Lucie Marrie Closier was tasked with organising a party for her sister.

The singer enlisted the help of D&B's finest for her sibling's celebrations as she auditioned the guys for the roles of topless waiters.


Joe Radford, Luke Higgins, Will and OJ were very much obliging as they oiled up for the bash in little more than waistcoats and bow ties.

However the group of topless guys found their performance for Luciee and pal Leah interrupted by D&B talent agent Leanne.


She wasn't impressed with their, err, 'rehearsing'.

"This is D&B not Stringfellows," Leanne told the group.


She then said to the guys: "You look like an absolute bunch of plonkers.

"Go and put some proper clothes on and cover up those blimmin' nipples."

Despite the telling off, the boys didn't show many worries as they stripped off again later in the episode for the party.

E4's Stage School continues week nights at 7:30PM.

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