Stage School: Rachael O'Connor is BACK and Josh gets a new 'boyfriend'


Rachael O'Connor returned to E4's Stage School in tonight's episode.

We saw the Irish beauty leave the show earlier this year to go on tour with Lord Of The Dance but this evening the singer made a comeback.

And it's fair to say she's missed quite a lot, including getting dropped from the girl band with Betsy-Blue English and Megan Jossa.

Rachael wasn't impressed to say the least and on finding out, confronted the girls for not so much as texting her about what was going on.


"I thought we were friends but obviously we aren't so I'll just see you around," concluded Rachael after a chat with Betsy-Blue, before bursting into a rendition of Bad Blood.

Meanwhile, Luciee Marie Closier enlisted the help of D&B's finest for her sister's party as she auditioned the guys for the roles of topless waiters.

Joe Radford, Luke Higgins and OJ were very much obliging as they oiled up for the bash.

Elsewhere, Josh asked Durone to be his pretend boyfriend in order to make Matt jealous after he turned him down for a date.

We're not entirely sure it worked but things took a turn when Matt revealed he only said no to Josh after Joe C warned him away.

And that revelation made for quite the awkward confrontation when Joe joined Josh and Matt for drinks.


"You've apparently been saying I'm a massive drama queen and stirring the pot," Josh told Joe C.

"All the things I say behind your back I say to your face, you are a backstabber, you are a drama Queen," replied Joe.

E4's Stage School continues week nights at 7:30PM.

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