Cast of E4's Stage School get feisty in rows over flirting

stage school luciee shocked

Things kicked off on E4's Stage School this evening as rows over flirting caused friction.

It was finally the day of the big showcase and there was bad news for Megan Jossa who was told her duet with Casey Johnson was being dropped so he could focus on Union J.

In tears, a gutted Megan tried to have her spirits lifted by Betsy-Blue English who set her up with Alex.

But that only made things worse for poor Megan who was snubbed when Alex revealed his feelings were for Betsy-Blue, who was quick to give him the cold shoulder despite her rows with on/off boyfriend Casey.

stage school megan buh bye

Meanwhile, OJ tried to make amends with Pia Smith with a soppy love letter and it seemed to work... for a bit.

She quickly had the hump again after spotting him cuddling up to Luciee Marie Closier, who joined the show earlier this week.

Pia snapped: "Stupid blonde b***h," before raging at OJ: "Don't be writing letters and saying soppy s**t to me."

Josh then got involved as he branded OJ "trashy" as he left, resulting in a showdown between the pair.

"If you've got something to say you say it to my face, you can't speak about me behind my back," snapped OJ after storming back to face up to Josh.

At the same time all that drama was going on, Casey had got word about Alex's advances towards Betsy and confronted him when he made an appearance at the showcase.

"All's fair in love and war," remarked Alex as he reminded Casey about his 'break' from Betsy-Blue.

casey ss

Casey hit back: "You can take your bottle of prosecco and shove it up your a**e."

So just your average day at Stage School, really.

E4's Stage School continues week nights at 7:30PM.

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