Stage School's Betsy-Blue English and Casey Johnson have ANOTHER 'jealous' row

casey betsy

Betsy-Blue English and Casey Johnson had another row over jealousy on tonight's Stage School.

The pair of former X Factor finalists are currently dating but appearing on the E4 reality series appears to be putting a strain on the relationship.

Each has accused the other of being jealous over their closeness to others, with tonight Casey being left in a huff after Betsy-Blue again spent time with new guy Alex.

Alex and Betsy-Blue went glamping - with Megan Jossa - and it didn't leave Casey impressed when he found out.

But Betsy-Blue insisted her and Alex were just "making music together" and remarked: "If you played the guitar, maybe we could make music together."

She snapped: "You don't want other boys to look at me and I'm sick of it."

Casey insisted he wasn't jealous before storming off from their showdown.

Elsewhere on E4's Stage School tonight, OJ decided to cool things off with Leah via a rap, which went as well as everyone expected it not to.

Meanwhile, the girls and the guys competed for the role of lead vocalist in the summer showcase performance with Casey, Betsy, Pia and Josh all in the running.

E4's Stage School continues week nights at 7:30PM.

In Friday's episode the drama continues with Casey on the warpath while OJ makes a grand gesture to win back the girl of his dreams.

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