Stage School! Did Betsy-Blue English and Casey Johnson just SPLIT?!

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There was major drama between Betsy-Blue English and Casey Johnson on E4's Stage School tonight.

In this evening's show, Nikki announced a duet competition, but not everyone was happy with their pairings.

Betsy-Blue was with Josh, prompting her to react: "Kill me now."

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Casey was with Megan and Jamie got partnered with Pia, which she was VERY Happy about following their recent flirting.

In rehearsals and, after clashing over her diction, Betsy-Blue and Josh ended up hitting an open mic night together where they both got friendly with hot singer-songwriter Alex.

Betsy-Blue and Alex enjoyed a drink together before inviting him along to the duet performances, where Casey was quick to introduce himself as Betsy's boyfriend.

Following Casey and Megan winning the duet competition for having the best chemistry there was bit of a showdown between Betsy and Casey.

She claimed he was annoyed at her closeness to Alex - who made a quick getaway - and accused the former Stereo Kicks singer of being possessive, insisting: "We were just doing music together."

"I can't deal with it any more," snapped Betsy, claiming: "You don't let me be friends with anyone who's male."

As Casey hit back and accused her for 'not letting him go out', Betsy stormed off: "I'm done with it."

Meanwhile, despite losing the duet competition, Pia and Jamie went out to celebrate where she turned up the heat... only to be rejected when going in for a kiss.

"We have been getting on really well but..." spluttered Jamie.


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Elsewhere, Luke planned to woo Charlotte and escape the friend zone with her, but Joe had other ideas.

After Luke sabotaged his musical audition, Joe got his own back by ruining Luke's romantic picnic with hot sauce coated sandwiches.

E4's Stage School continues week nights at 7:30PM.

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