Stage School recap as Betsy-Blue's party for boyfriend Casey Johnson ends with drama

stage school recap

Betsy-Blue English hosted a surprise birthday party for Casey Johnson on E4's Stage School last night.

She hoped there would be no drama but - to the shock of no one watching - there was plenty.

Betsy-Blue had cut rivals Josh Harwood and Pia Smith from the guest list, branding them "buzz kills".

"If your name's not on the list, you're not coming in," she declared. "I want Casey's birthday to be the best day ever, as long as there's no drama I think it's going to be perfect."

However neither Pia nor Josh took no for an answer.

Pia was keen to try her luck with Jamie following his 'break' with current girlfriend Cathy.

However unknown to Pia, Daniella Byrne had sneaked Cathy into the party in the hopes of getting her back with Jamie.

Meanwhile, Josh made his way inside by pretending to be Joe Crick, which caused issues when Joe himself turned up with Angela.

When everyone saw one another there was a Made In Chelsea style showdown.

"I think it's quite disrespectful just turning up," snapped Betsy-Blue at Josh.

Casey added: "No one wants you here."

casey betsy

Elsewhere, Cathy walked in on Pia chatting up Jamie, prompting their relationship to become even closer to being over for good.

Oh, and then there was a dance off (obvs) after which Leah and OJ snogged.

E4's Stage School continues Monday night at 7:30PM.

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