Casey Johnson and Betsy-Blue English's relationship "strained" by E4's Stage School

betsy casey

Betsy-Blue English has admitted that filming E4's Stage School put a strain on her relationship with Casey Johnson.

The two former X Factor stars - Betsy was a member of Only The Young and Case of Stereo Kicks, both in 2014 - appear in the nightly E4 show, focusing on the students at a London performing acts college.

Already we've seen rows and bitching between Casey, Betsy and other members of the school and things are far from over yet.

"It is a massive strain on our relationship," Betsy-Blue explained this week. "To film a 30-part series, being with each other every day and have these obstacles – it's not easy, but if we can get through seven months of intense filming like this then we've done pretty well."

In one row on the show, Betsy clashed with Megan Jossa over her 'flirting' with Casey as part of a musical duet.

Betsy told the Daily Star newspaper: "I felt at one point like I was fighting for my own boyfriend and I was like, 'Why am I doing this? He's mine. Why am I wasting my time having arguments with people over my boyfriend?'

"I've got very high morals. I would never dream of having somebody else's boyfriend, so to me it was a whole different world. It was very alien to me."

While Besty and Megan seemed to make peace in the latest episode, it sounds like there's no shortage of drama to come.

"There's a few more episodes to come where you see our relationship really strained," Betsy explained "but there's also a lot you don't see.

"I feel like I've got quite a fiery personality and there is a few scenes with Casey and I where I do tell him what I think, but what's annoying is you don't see what he says half the time."

E4's Stage School continues week nights at 7:30PM on E4.

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