Stage School! Casey Johnson's audition gets SABOTAGED

casey ss

Casey Johnson finds himself the victim of sabotage on E4's Stage School this evening.

But first, a recap of last night's show!

After Jamie spent the night at Angela's he told Casey that his current relationship with Cathy was "on a break".

Following Rachael O'Connor's departure for a tour in Russia, Betsy-Blue English and Megan Jossa began the search for a new band member in the unlikeliest of places but disagreed on who to pick.

Given just one day to find a new member the girls failed and missed out on what could have been a big opportunity with a music producer.

Tonight the drama continues.

Following his attempt to be 'posh' for a casting call yesterday, Luke returns to his cheeky and mischievous ways as he tries to sabotage Casey and Joe's West End audition.

Meanwhile, after snubbing the chance to join Betsy-Blue and Megan in the girl band, Pia Smith works her magic on newly single Jamie.

Stage School airs tonight on E4 at 7:30PM and continues each week night.

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