Stage School! Rachael O'Connor leaves as Betsy-Blue and Megan Jossa become friends?!


Rachael O'Connor left the Stage School on last night's show as Betsy-Blue English and Megan Joss became... FRIENDS?!

Earlier this week we saw Rachael beginning to pack after landing a part on a world wide tour of Lord Of The Dance out of the country.

In last night's episode, Rachael told the school's girl band that she's landed the job of a lifetime, leaving warring Betsy-Blue English and Megan Jossa no choice but to perform their first gig as a duo.

megan pia

But it wasn't as awkward as we might have imagined as the two girls ended up becoming... actual friends?! Having to prepare for their first gig as a duo at the last minute the pair cleared the air as they won over music producers.

Meanwhile, as Rachael went to leave the country, there was one person who REALLY didn't want her to go.

Following their disaster date (that wasn't a date, of course) at the theatre (that really wasn't a theatre) earlier in the week, Durone Stokes chased Rachael across town on Daniella's advice to tell her how he feels.

"What's the worst that can happen?" Daniella encouraged.

Missing Rachael's bus and ending up a sweaty mess at the side of a road in the rain? Unfortunately that's just what happened to poor Durone as Rachael made her way to the airport unaware of his efforts.

Elsewhere, Jamie called time on his relationship with Cathy before spending the night at Angela's...

Stage School airs tonight at 7:30PM on E4 and continues each week night.

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