Stage School's Durone Stokes and OJ fight over Rachael O'Connor

durone oj rachael

Rachael O'Connor was the centre of attention on tonight's Stage School on E4.

The Irish beauty found herself caught between Durone Stokes and OJ who have both revealed feelings for her.

On Monday night we saw Durone take Rachael out on a date on a non-date but the (awful) choice of venue - as suggested by OJ - saw her leave half way through.


Rachael then met up with OJ for a drink, thinking it was a group get together when in fact OJ had seemingly set the whole thing up for some alone time with the singer.

After Rachael spilled the gossip on her non-date dates with Durone and OJ to Daniella Byrne, she went and warned Durone what OJ was up to.

And as if finding out that his pal was going behind his back wasn't enough, Durone then discovered that Rachael was set to leave the country on a world wide tour.

Confronting OJ, Durone told him straight: "I feel like you set me up" but OJ accused him of "talking nonsense".

On Twitter and viewers took aim at OJ as they felt sorry for Durone.

"OJ is an actual snake," one wrote following tonight's show.

Another added: "Poor Durone he seems to genuinely like her and his mate just swooping in."

Elsewhere in this evening's Stage School, Donna and Bonnie announced a viral video competition at college, which pit Mo against prank duo Joe Crick and Angela Russell to see who got control of the D&B social media account.

stage school angela 4

"You guys have just started something you're not going to be able to finish," Mo declared after falling for one of Joe and Angela's wind ups.

Meanwhile, Pia revealed some puppet impersonations of the teachers at a comedy showcase.

Stage School continues week nights at 7:30PM on E4.

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