Stage School explodes with huge row between Josh Harwood, Besty-Blue and Casey Johnson!

Stage School RECAP

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It all kicked off on tonight's Stage School on E4 and it may have cost Josh Harwood his place at the academy.

After totally stirring things between Betsy-Blue English and boyfriend Casey Johnson by claiming Casey had been flirting with Megan Jossa, Josh ended up clashing with Casey as tensions came to a head.

"Do I hate Josh? Easy answer, yes," Casey told cameras in the episode after Josh took aim at his time on The X Factor.

As part of a drama workshop on crying, the Stage School students had to write down personal triggers that would get them upset before these were swapped with others and read out aloud.

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Josh ended up with Casey's card and used the opportunity to wind up the singer.

"Casey wants to play with the big boys, let's get ready to rumble," Josh remarked, before reading out a made up message about Casey's 'flop' boy band Stereo Kicks.

"He's made it up because he's a bitch," snapped Casey as the guys rowed.

Besty-Blue then got involved, raging at Josh: "This is so bitchy, I'm done with it. This is pathetic, you're pathetic, you can never get an acting job because you're rubbish, don't call my boyfriend a reject. No one here is real, you are two faced!"

As Besty-Blue stormed out, Josh found himself having to explain his actions before being put on 'community service' as he was warned he may get KICKED OUT if the wind ups continued.

Elsewhere, after getting stuck in the middle of Betsy-Blue and Megan's war as part of the Stage School's new girl band, Rachael O'Connor suddenly found herself the centre of attention.


Having made no secret of his feelings for the new girl, Durone Stokes bit the bullet and asked Rachael out to the theatre. She said yes but seemed to regret it after finding herself watching a bizarre one woman show, leaving Durone on his lonesome half way through.

In other Stage School antics tonight, Joe Crick had a novel idea to help Jamie Knox prepare for a nude acting role by getting him to model at a life drawing class... where his pals had turned up to paint him.

E4's Stage School continues each week night at 7:30PM.

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