Stage School: Betsy-Blue does a runner after rows with Megan Jossa and Pia Smith

betsy row

Betsy-Blue English stormed off of E4's Stage School tonight following clashes with Megan Jossa and Pia Smith.

The final episode of the week began with Casey Johnson again saying sorry to girlfriend Betsy after his duet rehearsals with Megan overran.

Betsy-Blue claimed Megan was out to steal him from her, before heading off to audition for the school's new girl band.

betsy casey

With one member of the trio ruled out due to illness, Rachael O'Connor and Megan needed a new member and while Megan campaigned for Pia, it was Betsy-Blue who joined.

There were then rows between the group over who should get the solo and with the girls each voting for themselves, Casey cast the deciding selection and went for girlfriend Betsy-Blue.

It prompted a major row as Betsy-Blue took aim at Megan's "old season Top Shop" look.

"You need to have respect," she added.

Megan hit back: "You're being really rude," and complained to cameras: "What is her problem? She is an utter nightmare."

Meanwhile, Pia was getting revenge on Betsy-Blue for beating her into the band by messing with the outfits for the upcoming fashion show, where the girl group were due to perform.

"Maybe this will teach her not to mess with me," Pia said.

Her actions left Betsy-Blue in tears while stage hand Danniella raged at Pia: "Who do you think you are? Why do you think you're some Queen bee of the school?"

stage school pia betsy

The chaos left the fashion show in tatters and the girl group's first performance on hold after Betsy-Blue "did a runner".

Stage School continues Monday night at 7:30PM on E4.

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