Thousands demand E4's Stage School is BANNED for being so bad

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Thousands of people have demanded E4's Stage School is BANNED from TV for being so awful.

The new structured reality series (read: Set up) launched on Monday on E4 and airs each week night at 7:30PM.

The series follows the drama, auditions, classes and bitching at a Stage School in London.

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But despite big ratings, the show hasn't won many fans in the industry.

A petition launched on has been signed over 7,000 times already and calls for Channel 4 and E4 to axe the series, which still has over 25 episodes left of its current run.

"This is a petition to have the E4 show 'Stage School' taken off the air," the petition reads. "As a person who has experienced drama training in the UK, I can honestly say that the show is a complete misrepresentation of training in the arts.

"Drama school is an encouraging and supportive environment which prepares budding artists for the industry. If this show is to stay on the air, it leaves a massive risk of deterring young people who are thinking of training for a career in the arts due to being fed a total misrepresentation of what drama training is actually like."


On Twitter and the show has come under attack from viewers for it's 'unfair' representation of stage schools.

One viewer even wrote: "Actually feeling pretty inspired after watching Stage School. Inspired to gauge my own eyes out and shove them in my ears."

However ratings suggest people are watching: The first episode saw over 400,000 viewers tune in and made E4 the highest rated multichannel for younger viewers (16-34s & 11-14s).

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Stage School airs tonight at 7:30PM on E4 and continues each week night.

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