Stage School! Will Betsy-Blue English or Pia Smith join the girl group?

stage school pia betsy

Betsy-Blue English and Pia Smith are in the running to join Stage School's new girl group.

In last night's episode, Megan Jossa and new girl Rachael O'Connor worked on their girl band where they were faced with a tough decision.

Fellow member Charlotte Morris was forced out due to voice problems, meaning they needed a replacement.

Rachael suggested Betsy, prompting Megan to react: "She hates me!"

Betsy and Megan have clashed repeatedly over Casey Johnson, Betsy's boyfriend, ever since the pair were partnered up to sing a duet together.

In yesterday's show Megan tried to clear the air with Betsy but it failed rather spectacularly.

With Charlotte unexpectedly forced to leave the girlband, tonight's episode of Stage School sees Megan and Rachael failing to agree on who should replace her.

While Megan is desperate to enlist best friend Pia, Rachael would much prefer Betsy-Blue.

Meanwhile, as the students are asked to perform at a local fashion show, Pia and Josh send fur flying backstage when they plot an act of wardrobe sabotage.

Stage School airs tonight at 7:30PM on E4 and continues each week night.

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