Stage School: Betsy-Blue English and Megan Jossa clash over Casey Johnson

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Betsy-Blue English, Casey Johnson and Megan Jossa continued to clash in tonight's episode of E4's Stage School.

Betsy-Blue joined the Stage School on last night's episode but was left frustrated by boyfriend Casey apparently flirting with Megan as the pair rehearsed a song together.

This evening, Casey said sorry to Betsy-Blue and admitted: "I feel like a bit of a d**k."

He added: "She might just be flirting with me, but it's nothing, I love you."

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The pair then agreed to spend time with one another in the studio later, but Casey missed the date due to song rehearsals with Megan.

She offered Casey a lift to see Betsy-Blue and followed him inside to "clear the air".

Cue another argument.

"You've had attitude to me from the start, you've been absolutely horrible with me. I'm not going to talk about it," snapped Betsy-Blue.

"I was just trying to talk to you because you don't know me. You haven't even given me the time of day," Megan replied.

"I'm actually done with all of this!" Betsy-Blue said as she stormed off, adding: "She needs to back off."

Megan was involved in more drama as she and Rachael O'Connor worked on their girl band where they were faced with a tough decision.

Fellow member Charlotte Morris was forced out due to voice problems, meaning they needed s replacement.

Rachael suggested Betsy, prompting Megan to react: "She hates me!"

oh no stage school  rachael

Meanwhile there was drama of a very different kind for poor Angela Russell.

After a visit to her dentist, she has to pull out of her all-girl dance troupe's lucrative Beyoncé-themed gig and get Joe to step in for her with just a few hours' notice.

Stage School continues nightly on E4 at 7:30PM.

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