Stage School: More drama between Betsy-Blue English, Casey Johnson and Megan Jossa

betsy row

Betsy-Blue English, Casey Johnson and Megan Jossa continue to clash in tonight's episode of E4's Stage School.

Betsy-Blue joined the Stage School on last night's episode but was left frustrated by boyfriend Casey apparently flirting with Megan as the pair rehearsed a song together.

"I have not been flirting!" Casey insisted as Betsy confronted the pair.

"When I see you, you're always around him," Betsy complained to Megan.

Casey repeated: "We haven't been flirting, we've been put together to sing a song."

He insisted: "I'm not interested in Megan, she's got nothing on you, you need to stop."

In tonight's episode, Casey and Megan's latest rehearsals overrun, which prompts more upset from Betsy.

Elsewhere, Megan is involved in more drama as she and Rachael O'Connor work on a song together as part of a girl band - but with tensions at breaking point, is the group over before it's even started?

Meanwhile there's drama of a very different kind for poor Angela Russell.

After a visit to her dentist, she has to pull out of her all-girl dance troupe's lucrative Beyoncé-themed gig, and there's only one person good enough to take her place - but she, is a he!

Stage School continues nightly on E4 at 7:30PM.

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