Betsy-Blue English joins Stage School... and it all kicks off

stage school betsy blue

Betsy-Blue English joined E4's Stage School in tonight's show and it all kicked off between the students.

"Although I think I'm a pretty good singer, actress and fashion blogger, I just really want to be the full package," Betsy said as she auditioned for - and won - a place in the school.

But things got awkward from the off as the students were paired up with one another for duets.

Josh Harwood was put with Betsy while her boyfriend Casey Johnson was singing with Megan Jossa.

stage school megan buh bye

Casey and Megan had to work on their sexual chemistry as they rehearsed You're The One That I Want from Grease.

Afterwards, there was a row at lunch when Megan overheard Betsy talking about her.

Betsy then hit out at Casey for failing to defend her in the bicker: "You should have stuck up for me!"

Stirring from Josh then prompted things to explode between Betsy, Megan and Casey when he accused Casey of flirting with Megan.

"I have not been flirting!" Casey insisted.

"When I see you you're always around him," Betsy complained to Megan.

Casey repeated: "We haven't been flirting, we've been put together to sing a song."

stage school casey

Later Casey and Betsy discussed their relationship.

"He [Josh] is lying to you," Casey insisted. "I'm not interested in Megan, she's got nothing on you, you need to stop."

Stage School continues nightly on E4 at 7:30PM.

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