E4's Stage School gets bitchy as the girls and guys both clash

New girl Rachael O'Connor makes an impact

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New girl Rachael O'Connor made an impact on E4's Stage School last night, clashing with Megan Jossa.

The two girls had been put in a group together to perform at the upcoming summer showcase but there was no love lost between them when Rachael turned up a little late to rehearsals.

"Do you think this is acceptable?" snapped Megan. "You don't come late to my rehearsal."

Rachael replied: "It's not your rehearsal. Don't talk to me like a 5 year old."

After going to rehearse on her own, Rachael reacted: "I find the competitive nature here at college a real shock. So Megan now thinks she's the leader of the girl band... she's just a singer like me!"

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Elsewhere, dance auditions begun for the all-important showcase for which sharp-tongued student Josh Harwood had been appointed Assistant Director, much to the annoyance of his fellow classmates.

His impression of Simon Cowell didn't go down well, as Leah Bauckham snapped after he branded her routine boring: "He doesn't even need to be here, why is he here? You have no talent at all."

Unfazed, Josh went on to end up clashing with Angela Russell as he practiced his own routine for the showcase.

"Unlike you, I'm going to be in the West End directing things while you are going to be working in the local supermarket," Josh said.

"Good luck, you're going to need it, darling," reacted Angela with possibly the best face ever.

"Have fun stacking shelves!" concluded Josh as she walked away.

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Stage School airs tonight at 7:30PM on E4 and continues each week night.

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