Betsy-Blue English ruffles feathers as she joins E4's Stage School

Joins alongside boyfriend Casey Johnson

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Betsy-Blue English makes her entrance into E4's Stage School on tonight's show.

The X Factor star - who used to be a part of Only The Young - is the girlfriend of recent new Stage School student Casey Johnson, another X Factor alumni having been part of Stereo Kicks.

Casey joined Stage School on Monday and immediately found himself getting a LOT of attention from the girls.

stage school casey

And tonight, actor, blogger and singer Betsy-Blue joins D&B and immediately ruffles a few feathers when she becomes jealous of Casey and Megan's friendship.

Meanwhile in the latest episode this evening, Luke has a crush on a mysterious older woman and prepares a grand gesture to win her over - but in doing so, is he risking his place at college?

Betsy-Blue's introduction follows last night's sassy episode where things got bitchy between some of the students.

e4 stage school bitch megan rachael

Rachael O'Connor clashed with Megan Jossa after turning up a little late to rehearsals for the upcoming summer showcase.

"Do you think this is acceptable?" snapped Megan. "You don't come late to my rehearsal."

Rachael replied: "It's not your rehearsal. Don't talk to me like a 5 year old."

After going to rehearse on her own, Rachael reacted: "I find the competitive nature here at college a real shock. So Megan now thinks she's the leader of the girl band... she's just a singer like me!"

Elsewhere, Josh Harwood annoyed pretty much everyone as he took it upon himself to cast judgement over their dance routines.

However he was left pretty unfazed and declared to Angela Russell: "Unlike you, I'm going to be in the West End directing things while you are going to be working in the local supermarket."

"Good luck, you're going to need it, darling," she reacted.

"Have fun stacking shelves!" concluded Josh as Angela walked away.

stage school angela

Stage School airs tonight at 7:30PM on E4 and continues each week night.

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