'Fake and scripted' E4's Stage School slammed by viewers... but we quite liked it


E4's Stage School has been mauled by viewers online who have variously branded it fake, scripted and just plain awful.

However Girls Aloud's Nadine Coyle was tuning and loved it, so that's something.

We also didn't think it was too bad, taken for what it is, a light-hearted structured reality show, even if it was completely over the top and just quite ridiculous.

When it came to the Twitter reaction, the show came under particular attack for portraying Stage School students as competitive and bitchy.



Then there was *THAT* performance of Fight Song in the dressing room...

Some couldn't get over how 'fake' it was...


And finally, the actors who couldn't act...


BUT if you did enjoy it, you can catch Stage School every week night on E4 from 7:30PM.

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