Rav Wilding to sue producers of ITV's Splash! over life-changing injury

Diving show reportedly left him with one leg shorter than the other

Rav Wilding

TV presenter Rav Wilding is reportedly suing the makers of ITV's Splash! after a serious injury he incurred on the show left him with one leg shorter than the other.

Rav was due to take part in the second series of the diving contest in 2014, until a nasty accident during training forced him to quit.

He apparently received a sizeable insurance payout - but the Telegraph and the Mirror claim that he is now filing a lawsuit against production company TwoFour, as the injury has seriously affected his life and work prospects.

According to The Telegraph, Rav - formerly one of the faces of the BBC's Crimewatch - snapped one of his hamstring tendons and later suffered a pulmonary embolism.

This left him with one leg shorter than the other, and he cannot now stand or walk without experiencing pain.

Rav told the newspaper that "active physical work is no longer possible" for him.

"I used to get active jobs based on my fitness," he explained. "But now I can’t do those things, the opportunities aren't really there anymore so it's changed the entire course of my career."

Rav's lawyer Lauren Hurney added: "We have written to TwoFour and are currently awaiting a response."

Splash! was fronted by Olympic diving icon Tom Daley, but ITV axed the show in 2014 after two series.

TwoFour has already been in hot water this year after its similar show The Jump, which airs on Channel 4, was hit by a string of contestant injuries.

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