Splash! 2014: Danielle O'Hara's boobs could 'explode'!

Danielle Lloyd (Splash! 2014)

Splash! 2014 star Danielle O'Hara has revealed she fears her boobs could explode if her dive goes wrong tonight.

Danielle had surgery to reduce her breasts from an F to a C cup in 2012 but still worries about the impact that hitting the water in the wrong way could have.

The model said today: “When I’ve belly flopped and hit my chest, I have been worried about my implants.”

She added: “It’s just really scary. On my thighs I’ve got a lot of bruises — it stings so bad!”

Speaking ahead of the show earlier this month, Danielle admitted she was "terrified" of signing up to the bizarre reality series because of her fear of heights.

She told The Sun newspaper: "Splash! has been terrifying because I'm actually scared of heights.

"I think that's one of the reasons I wanted to do it, to try and overcome my fear. It's been really, really hard work. I am enjoying it though."

Danielle will be diving in this weekend's third live heat alongside Penny Mordaunt MP, TOWIE's Dan Osborne, comedian Patrick Monahan and singer and musician Paul Young.

Splash! 2014 starts at 7PM this evening on ITV.

Browse pictures of the latest Splash! 2014 line up in training below...

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