Splash! 2014 celebrities given bikini ban!

Penny Mordaunt

The Splash! 2014 celebrities have apparently been issued with a bikini ban.

This Saturday night will see the third live heat with five new celebs diving for the first time, including Penny Mordaunt MP.

She revealed this week that producers had advised the girls of the show to avoid bikinis after some wardrobe mishaps last year.

"We've been able to say what we would like to wear and then they go away and design it," she said. "I wanted something that was lido themed. Expect to see something that someone might have worn at the lido in a heyday. It's not a modern design, so as a consequence is quite secure."

The Portsmouth MP - who will be donating her £10,000 appearance fee - explained: "In series one, there were quite a few bosoms and bottoms on show, because diving in a two-piece is not a good plan.

"So this year they've gone for stuff that is not going to disintegrate on impact."

Meanwhile Penny defended her decision to take part in the series a politician.

"There have been suggestions that I shouldn't be appearing in a swimsuit. I don't know whether people had visions that I'd be jumping off the boards with strategically placed rosettes," she said.

"I'm not wearing things that are overly revealing ... for training I'm wearing sporty gear and I'm wearing something majorly sturdy in the competition."

She added: "I'm dreading some of the footage which will spring up, with me with no make-up on and bruises. You look a mess. It's not glamorous.....It's not a beauty contest."

Penny will be diving at the weekend alongside model Danielle Lloyd, TOWIE’S Dan Osborne, comedian Patrick Monahan and singer and musician Paul Young.

Splash! continues this Saturday night from 7PM on ITV.

Browse pictures of the latest Splash! line up below...

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