Splash! 2014 celebrities: Anna Williamson fears having a panic attack live on air!

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Splash! 2014 contestant Anna Williamson has admitted she fears having a panic attack live on TV.

The telly host is used to being in front of the camera, although admittedly not in her swimsuit ten metres above the ground about to jump into a pool.

Anna told this week how she's always suffered with anxiety and hopes that taking part in the show will help put some of her fears at ease.

It's certainly one way to go about it...

"When you're standing there on the board, everything in your body is screaming 'This is ridiculous, get down now!'" she recalled. "It's no comfort that there's water below you.

"You're hitting it at 35mph and it really hurts. It's not like falling into a cloud of feathers - more like crashing into a concrete wall if you get it wrong."

But blonde beauty Anna, who hosts the showbiz gossip on Daybreak, added she hoped to inspire others to get over their fears.

"They might say, 'She's had panic attacks. If she can cope with diving, maybe I can face my fears too'," she said.

Joining Anna in this Saturday night's latest live heat will be Boyzone’s Keith Duffy, singer and actress Toyah Willcox, TV and radio presenter Paul Ross and former rugby league and rugby union player Martin Offiah.

Splash! 2014 airs this Saturday night on ITV from 7PM.

Browse pictures of the latest Splash! 2014 line up in training below...

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