Cheryl Cole too scared to compete in ITV's Splash!

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole won't be taking part in Splash! on ITV because she's too scared of water!

Although we're not sure that's the only thing from stopping her from taking part in the wacky reality talent show.

The Tom Daley series has been renewed by bosses for a second run next year, and Tom is keen to get crush Cheryl on board.

He said recently: "I'd love to get Cheryl Cole on. She would be great, maybe for a charity special if not a second series.

"I haven't given her the diving lesson I promised yet [on Twitter] but of course I would love to."

But Cheryl's bandmate Kimberley Walsh suggested it wasn't going to happen.

She told Capital FM this week: "She's not really a water baby. She gets scared like even swimming in the sea and stuff. I think you can safely say she's not going to be doing that."

She added: "She only does swan dives out of water. Not in it."

Personally we'd much rather see Kimberley's rather lovely bum - which has its own Twitter account - diving from the 10 metre board.


Splash! series two hits screens in the new year.

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