Splash! winner Eddie The Eagle Edwards thinks people voted out of sympathy

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Splash! winner Eddie The Eagle Edwards reckon he won the show last night thanks to people voting for him out of sympathy!

The Olympic sportsman of sorts triumphed in yesterday's Splash final on ITV.

And speaking before the last live show, he confessed he was hoping people to back him over his toned rivals.

"I’m the best-looking one out there, I’m doing the most complicated dive and I don’t look very good in a pair of swimming trunks," he said. “I’m going to appeal for sympathy."

Despite the tough training and dangerous dives, Eddie admitted that the show had been worthwhile, if only to improve his beach body!

He said: “Luckily I have lost quite a bit of weight over the last six weeks while training, so hopefully if they give me Speedos I will look a bit better than I would have done in the first heat.”

Meanwhile show mentor Tom Daley revealed he hoped the show would allow him to fulfil his dream of becoming a telly presenter.

He told The Sun: “It has been amazing.

“This is what I want to do when I finish diving. I want to be a big Saturday night TV presenter.

“I’d love to do big entertainment shows, so Vernon had better watch out!”

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