Tom Daley defends ITV's Splash over negative reviews

Splash Tom Daley

Tom Daley has continued to defend ITV1's Splash as the show heads into its third and final heat.

The diving reality celebrity talent show (that's what we're calling it, anyway) has proved a surprise ratings hit.

More than 6 million viewers have watched the first two episodes, despite widespread panning for the format.

Some underwhelming dives and regular cock ups by the show's presenters have seen it branded 'too bad to miss'.

But Tom Daley has insisted the show has been not only a success for British diving but also for his own diving career.

He said: “I can fit my training in around Splash! because the set is a diving pool. I’m still able to train full time.

“My diving has improved. I’m practising all the time.”

And he insisted that the show didn't distract from his training.

“It doesn’t distract me because most Olympians are still taking time out," he told the Daily Star Sunday. “I’ve been able to make the most of both. I’ve improved a lot since the Games because I’ve been practising so much.

“I think it’s nice to have a focus outside of diving. I don’t want, for the next four years, to just focus on diving and not think about anything else. I’ve also got school and exams.”

ITV's Splash continues tonight with the latest heat.

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