Charlotte Jackson breaks toe on ITV's Splash!

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ITV's Splash is such a dangerous show, it's left Charlotte Jackson with a broken toe.

The drama.

The Sky Sports presenter is set to dive on the much mocked reality show this weekend but was rushed to hospital after injuring herself in rehearsals.

A source told The Sun newspaper today: “All the celebrities practise their dives into a dry pool – which is essentially a diving board above a crash mat.

“Unfortunately for Charlotte, she landed awkwardly and her toe swelled up and turned purple.”

And in more bad news for Charlotte, she's been plagued with wardrobe mishaps during practice for the live show.

The source added: “She’s had to get some tighter bikini bottoms.”

Meanwhile Charlotte's fellow competitor model Caprice revealed she had been left covered in bruises from the show.

She said: “I am like, ‘Honey, sorry, you can’t touch me tonight, I am in too much pain’. Our love life has been a disaster. I have said to Ty, ‘You can forget it. It’s non-existent while I am doing this show’.

“After my first day I was covered from head to toe in bruises. I had massive black and blue marks up and down my legs and on my tummy and all over my boobs as well."

Splash! continues on Saturday nights on ITV1.

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