Arlene Phillips say she wants Bethany Rose instead of Kirsty in the SYTYCD final

Arlene Phillips

Arlene Phillips has become the second So You Think You Can Dance judge to come out and say she wanted to see Bethany Rose in this Saturday's final - at the expense of poor Kirsty! (Don't worry, we still love you!) Speaking about tomorrow's climax, Arlene said it was for anyone to win.

Kirsty Swain, Katie Love, Matt Flint and Luke Jackson will all compete in tomorrow night's final for a £50,000 prize and trip to perform in the US finale in Hollywood.

"I'm really excited about Saturday's final. I think the two boys are going to kill it And kill each other possibly in the process!" Arlene said. "I'm pleased with the final four. I would have loved to have seen Bethany Rose rather than Kirsty, but that was the public's choice.


"I think it will be really exciting on Saturday. Kirsty is clearly well loved by the public and I think that Katie Love will have a battle to match her for performances. But we have great choreographers in and it's going to be a challenging, challenging final."

Speaking to DigitalSpy about who she expected to win tomorrow night, former Strictly judge Arlene explained: "We never get to know who is the top of the voting. We only know who the bottom two or four are.

"I've always thought Matt Flint from the start would win, He's so good, he's so cheeky, he's so charming, he's such an all rounder - he has it all. I've always thought Matt might win and he may do one phenomenal number, but I just don't know.

"If Luke does something that just defies dance...and Katie Love last week in her duet, the Mandy Moore duet - wow!"

Arlene added: "From the moment she started to dance, for the first time this series, I had goose bumps. When you see exquisite and almost perfect dance, as a choreographer, I wanted to get up immediately and work with her. It was extraordinary. So it could be anyone's game."

The So You Think You Can Dance 2011 live final airs tomorrow night at 7:15PM on ITV1.

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