Nigel Lythgoe says he's "very upset" Bethany Rose isn't in the SYTYCD final

Nigel Lythgoe

Head judge of So You Think You Can Dance has confessed to being upset that ballet dancer Bethany Rose didn't make this year's final. 20-year-old Bethany left the show in last Saturday's semi-final after previously being saved twice by the judging panel.

Nigel admitted that the dancer from Devon had "amazing technique" but that she wasn't connecting with the audience at home.

Speaking to DigitalSpy about the show, Nigel said: "I get excited every week about the dancing. I always look forward to the choreography and if there's going to be something outstanding. For me, I started off dancing and to come around full circle is incredible."

Talking this year's finalists, he confessed: "I don't want to be mean. But can I say that I'm very upset that Bethany Rose isn't there. Other than that I'm delighted with the finalists we have."

Meanwhile asked who he thought was going to win from the finalists who had made it - Matt Flint, Katie Love, Luke Jackson and Kirsty Swain - Nigel explained: "For me, I honestly don't know. If I had known how the public voted I wouldn't have been upset when Bethany Rose left.

"For me, I have always believed that a boy will win this year. I think either Matt or Luke will swing it. Up until this morning I would have said Matt, or at least if I had anything to do with it he would, but I just went to a tap rehearsal and Luke was holding his own there. So I think he will pull a lot of votes working in Matt's genre."

The So You Think You Can Dance 2011 final airs tomorrow night at 7:15PM on BBC One.

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