John Barrowman to replace Nigel Lythgoe on So You Think You Can Dance this weekend!

Nigel Lythgoe

The So You Think You Can Dance panel gets a reshuffle this weekend, with John Barrowman joining as a guest judge to replace Nigel Lythgoe while Arlene Phillips takes up the role as head judge. The move - for this weekend only - is down to Nigel's hectic schedule in the US.

DigitalSpy report that "Nasty" Nigel Lythgoe had "always agreed" with the Beeb that he wouldn't make this week's live show, due to the American Idol final.

Barrowman said: "This is such an amazing opportunity. I met all these guys when I was a guest judge at the Choreography Camp rounds a few months back, and I can't wait to come back and see how they have improved and developed as performers."

Apologising for his absence, Nigel added: "It is a great shame that I can't be there to see our top ten dancers perform this weekend due to my commitments to Idol, but I will be watching them dance for their lives from LA. I have no doubt John will bring his incredible pedigree to the panel and keep the dancers on their toes.

"It's going to be great now it's down to the top ten dancers - the competition is getting hotter."

So You Think You Can Dance continues with the top 10 dancers tomorrow night at 5.35pm on BBC One.

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