Alice Woodhouse and Charlie Wheeller latest to leave So You Think You Can Dance 2011

Alice Woodhouse

Alice Woodhouse and Charlie Wheeller have become the two latest dancers to be eliminated in the 2011 series of So You Think You Can Dance. The pair were axed by the judging panel in tonight's fourth live show after coming amongst the lowest placed dancers after the public vote.

Alice and Charlie found themselves in the bottom four for the first time alongside Richey and Shane tonight, after the final 16 were paired up and all performed one routine in a style picked at random at the start of the week.


Despite this being Richey and Shane's second time in the bottom two, they were saved by the panel of judges. Nigel said: "It's a tough one, we're not sure all of you should be here in the bottom group... but the public have voted and we have to make a decision."

Talking to the girls first, the head judge told Alice: "You don't seem to be making a mark, when we discussed your past there was noting that stood out. You were obviously wonderful enough to be in the top 20 but there was nothing we saw that stood out."

"Richey, we don’t understand why you were in the bottom two this week or last week, we thought you were terrific. So Alice, you will be the one who'll be leaving us tonight."

Next it was time for the boys to learn their fate, Nigel told Shane: "You're not connecting with the audience. You've got fabulous technique, you're an incredible dancer but you're not connecting with the audience... what is missing?"

Turning to Charlie, Nigel continued: "I'll tell you what's missing, Shane, what Charlie has: You've got this incredible personality, you're an incredible little dancing scamp."

Nigel told the pair: "I wish we could merge the two of you, personality and technique. At the moment we don't feel as though Charlie is growing fast enough, you're unique, no one can do what you can... but Shane has more technique than you. We gave you the opportunity because we think you're special... but it is called So You Think You Can Dance so we're going to let Charlie go tonight with our best wishes."

Talking to Cat Deeley after their exits, Charlie said: "I've learned so much from all these people... just thank you for all these opportunities."

A teary Alice said: "I believe Rithiely is going to win and she's taking me to LA! I just want to say thank you so much... I feel stupid for crying. Can I just say thank you to [our choreographer] Kendrick too. I said to myself even if I go home I've had the best time of my life."

Richey, Shane and the rest of the remaining Top 14 will continue on to perform in next weekend's show, starting at 5:30PM on BBC One, where FOUR dancers will get the axe!

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