Paige Smith and Ryan Jenkins first to leave So You Think You Can Dance 2011

So You Think You Can Dance

Paige Smith and Ryan Jenkins have become the first dancers to be eliminated in the 2011 series of So You Think You Can Dance. The pair were axed by the judging panel in tonight's second live show after coming amongst the lowest placed dancers after the public vote.

Paige and Ryan found themselves in the bottom four alongside Stephanie and Gian Luca tonight after the final 20 were paired up and all performed one routine in a style chosen by the judges.


In making the decision, head of the judging panel Nigel Lythgoe said: "It's so tough, first night of competition and it's sad people have to go home straight away without time to grow."

He then continued to comment on each of the dancers in danger, telling Gian Luca: "It's hard to judge you because you were let down by your partner but you have great technique."

"Ryan, it isn't about impressing me it's about impressing the country and you clearly didn't do that. Sisqo said there wasn't much of a routine for you but I disagree, a good dancer will make any routine great. Your routine simply wasn't memorable."

"Paige, you are such a fun fire ball of talent but tonight it all just went away. We will judge you on things in the past and not just tonight."

Finally on Stephanie, Nigel commented: "You served it up tonight and you showed us how a sexy Latin routine should be."

Delivering the verdict of the panel, Nigel continued: "We are unanimous with our decision and the people going home tonight are Paige and Ryan."

Stephanie, Gian and the rest of the remaining Top 20 will continue on to perform in next weekend's show, starting at 6:45PM on BBC One.

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