So You Think You Can Dance: Music from the second live show, Saturday April 23!

Paige Smith

The live shows of the UK edition of So You Think You Can Dance 2011 continued on BBC One tonight, with the top 20 dancers showcasing their dancing talents for only the second time. Here's the music they danced to in the hope of surviving tonight's elimination...

Next Saturday sees the competition continue as the remaining 18 hopefuls pair up and dance for your votes once again, with the boy and girl with the least votes will leaving in the results show! It all kicks off from 6:45PM on BBC One!

[musicbox desc="Stephanie and Ryan - " song="On The Floor" artist="Jennifer Lopez" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Matt and Charlotte (Foxtrot) - " song="The Way You Look Tonight" artist="Frank Sinatra" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Lee C and Katie (Lyrical Hip Hop) - " song="Starry Eyed" artist="Ellie Goulding" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Richey and Shane (Broadway)" song="Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" artist="Marilyn Monroe" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Charlie and Alive (Contemporary) - " song="Amazed" artist="Lonestar" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Paige and Gian Luca (Jazz) - " song="Forget You" artist="Cee Lo Green" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Danielle and Luke (Samba) - " song="Livin' La Vida Loca" artist="Ricky Martin" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Katrina and Tom (Hip Hop)" song="The Time (Dirty Bit)" artist="Black Eyed Peas" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Kirsty and Lee B (Contemporary) - " song="Turning Tables" artist="Adele" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Bethany Rose and Israel (Disco) - " song="One Night Only " artist="Jennifer Hudson" itunes="" amazon=""]

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