So You Think You Can Dance: Music from the first live show, Saturday April 16!

So You Think You Can Dance

The live shows of the UK edition of So You Think You Can Dance 2011 kicked off on BBC One tonight, with the top 20 dancers showcasing their talents for the first time. No one went home in this first show, it was just a chance for the finalists to let the viewers get to know them - and here's the music they danced to...

Next Saturday sees the competition really kick off as the final 20 pair up and dance for your votes. The boy and girl with the least votes will leave the results show! It all kicks off from 6:45PM on BBC One!

[musicbox desc="The Top 20: " song="Don't Stop The Music" artist="Rihanna" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Luke, Bethany, Shane and Katie: " song="Bring Me To Life" artist="Evanescence" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Lee C, Israel, Charlie & Rithiely: " song="It's Like That " artist="Run DMC" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Danielle, Stephanie, Katrina & Gian Luca: " song="Bridge Over Troubled Water" artist="Simon & Garfunkel" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Tom, Paige, Lee B, Charlotte and Matt: " song="I Hope I Get It" artist="A Chorus Line" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Kirsty, Ryan and Alice: " song="Crazy" artist="Gnarls Barkley" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Top 10 Boys: " song="It's A Man's World" artist="James Brown" itunes="" amazon=""]

[musicbox desc="Top 10 Girls: " song="Fighter" artist="Christina Aguilera" itunes="" amazon=""]

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