Alfie Moore latest Show Me The Funny comic to get the chop

Alfie Moore

It's back on the beat for Policeman Alfie Moore, after he became the latest Show Me The Funny Comic to be eliminated on last night's show. The 47-year-old, a serving Police Sergeant by day; by night, he is a stand-up comedian, failed to win over a Welsh rugby crowd.

After the unforgiving gig in front of rowdy rugby players, it was Dan and Alfie who were called back as the bottom two.

Alfie made no excuses about his shaky performance and admitted: “I thought it was a tough gig. My opening gag got walked on” to which Johnny Vegas joked: “It’s like you had received a death threat. You were walking around like: oh f**k any minute could be the end!”

In a rare display of concern Kate Copstick reflected: “I’m sad that we are here with two guys that have the tickle.”

With Dan reprimanded for dying on stage in front of an audience that he should have better equipped to impress, it was down to the tense judges vote to decide which of the two would be sent home.

As both Kate and Alan voted to keep Dan, Alfie was left to reflect on his elimination: “It’s obviously disappointing, of course it is, but you’ve got to be philosophical and whatever happen, happens for a reason.”

One week remains in the opportunity of a lifetime for one aspiring comic. Tune in to find out who will fall next in the penultimate episode of the stand-up competition.

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