Show Me The Funny guest judge Johnny Vegas: Stand up is about self defence

Johnny Vegas (Show Me The Funny)

Comedian Johnny Vegas has claimed that stand up comedy is about self defence, speaking to the remaining comics on tonight's Show Me The Funny. The Lancashire-born funny man is a guest judge on tonight's show, sitting alongside Kate Copstick and Alan Davies on the panel.

There's just two weeks left until the live final, and as nerves reach fever pitch, the comedians brace themselves for a tough crowd of raucous rugby players but guest comedian Johnny Vegas reveals: “It’s as much about crowd control as it is about making people laugh. If they’re not loving your material, really work the hecklers. Belittle them.”

With the comedians deciding to play hardball with the boisterous crowd, it seems Johnny’s tips are set to score a try for one stand-up in particular. With laugh out loud moments and stand-out performances the bar is raised higher than ever… and some comics struggle to keep up.

Tune in to find out who will be the next comedian to be eliminated from Show Me The Funny, tonight at 9PM on ITV1.

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